Podcast: The wonderful world of worms

Worms are one of the oldest species to live on planet earth. They have been around for almost 600 million years. Darwin wrote in 1881 that they are one of the most important species in the history of the world. We are now in 2020, is this statement still true? And what other benefits do worms have for humans?

Worms get a lot of praise from scientists all over the world, but why is that? What benefits do they bring with them?


Jeroen Onrust is a researcher who has been studying worms for a few years now. He found out that a certain type of worm is dying in intensely managed grasslands. He also talks about what worms do for nature and how importan they are.



You probably heard a lot about rats and mice being used for clinical trials, but did you know there is also a little worm being used to study the way memories form inside of our brains. A little worm about the size of a comma called the C. Elegans is being used for research by Daniel Colón-Ramos who is a professor of Neuroscience and Cell Biology at Yale University. It turns out that he brains of worms and humans are made from the same building blocks.

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Research, interview: Robbe Claes, photo: Katja Schulz, music: YouTube Audio library