Otto finds his home country Guatemala flooded by storms: ‘Almost a whole town is still 60 meters deep under water’

For us, Europeans it is unimaginable to have to evacuate your house because of a hurricane. In Guatemala storms Iota and Eta ravaged the country last month and the government still does not offer any help to the families who lost their home.

Student Otto Noack was born and raised in Guatemala. Six years ago, he moved to the United States. Otto still goes to visit his family in Guatemala and he did so in November of 2020, right before the tropical storms hit the South-American country.

‘To give you an idea. In this picture, we were driving the boat on about 25 meters of water, in a place where there is no water, not even a river, nothing. The amount of water was ridiculous.’

Otto, who was staying with his family, had to evacuate from his grandparents’ farmhouse when the water started flooding the place. They got lucky and were able to find shelter, but some people were not as lucky as they were. Otto and his family decided to help by cooking meals, collecting and giving out clothes and beds to those who really need it. Listen to his story here:



Text and audio: Lien Thys, music: Tuscon – Silent Partner, and photos: ©Otto Noack