The unpredictability of war: end of Gaza-Israel ceasefire

After seven days of ceasefire, the fights and bombing by Israel have started in Gaza once more. Israel claims that terrorist organisation Hamas violated the terms of temporary peace accord by launching missiles at Israeli targets. 30 people have already lost their lives. 

A four day ceasefire was agreed upon by both Hamas and Israel on the 24th of November, allowing room for humanitarian aid and hostage swaps. For every time hostages were released from Gaza, Israel would release prisoners and the suspension of hostilities would extend by one day.

During this week of peace, 110 Israeli hostages were released by Hamas, 137 remain in Gaza, and 240 Palestinian prisoners were set free by Israel.

Even Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo visited Israel and afterwards demanded that Netanyahu stop the war immediately.  This prompted the editorial team of Talk Through Thursday to dive in a little deeper.

Listen to what Middle East expert and international correspondent Gert Van Langendonck had to say, only a few hours before the ceasefire ended:

Text: ©Tharsice Commissaris

Audio: Tharsice Commissaris

Photo by Rami Gzon on Unsplash