Anne Cruyt

Moving abroad: ‘Connecting to people is important’

When you are planning to move, there is a lot to take care of. Think about insurances, the visa, going to a new school or doing an internship. Vlamingen In de Wereld, Flemish people In the World, is a Belgian organisation that helps you get settled.

Anne Cruyt has been working at Vlamingen In de Wereld, Flemish people In the World, for a year now. She helps people that have questions about the service the organisation offers and she looks for and helps representatives. Representatives are people that live abroad and give VIW advice and tips about the country they live in, so VIW can help people that want to move to that country. But VIW does more than that.

They help people get settled in their new country they move to for work, school or doing an internship, permanently or temporarily. But besides many Belgians living abroad, there are also a lot of foreigners living in Belgium. What is Anne’s advice for them?

Connecting to other people when moving to another country is something Anne considers to be very important. Who do Belgians get connected to the most? In other words, what countries are most popular? And which are on the rise?

As Anne said, some people move to start a bed and breakfast in another country. Of course there are many other reasons for people to move, such as studying abroad for a while for example, which is one of the most popular reasons to move.

Are you planning on doing your internship abroad next year in 2020? Or are you thinking of going for an international career? Maybe Anne or one of her colleagues are able to help you. Cannot wait to start your search for information for your possible international career? Go to their website.

Text: Laura Van Alphen, interviewer: Gilbert Akky Matsiko, interviewee: Anne Cruyt, photo: CC0 by Laura Van Alphen