Trent playing baseball in Beveren

Moving for sports: Playing baseball in Belgium

Baseball is not on the list of the 5 most played sports in Belgium, but Trent Saharek from California came to Belgium to play it for half a year. How has he experienced living in Belgium?

What is living in Belgium like for foreigners? Do they like it? What is their first impression? Trent is 24 years old, comes from the United States and lived in Belgium for half a year himself.

Since he has already played baseball in a couple of different countries, he has been experiencing a lot of ‘first impressions’ too. The host parents he was living with in Belgium, directly showed him what Belgium is known for.

And he liked it. The advice he gives to people coming to Belgium for the first time is ‘to enjoy it for what it is. The people here are extremely nice. It is a new culture to experience, it is a great one, a great one to live in.’ He added that he would suggest others to at least visit Belgium once in their lives. What does he like the most about Belgium?

Trent is trying to come back to Europe to play baseball again. He is looking to play in countries like The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and he has gotten an offer to play in France. And if he had the opportunity to come back to Belgium, would he do it?

Text: Laura Van Alphen, interviewee: Trent Saharek, photo: CC0 Trent Saharek