How social media impacts our relationships

Social media influences our life daily. Consciously and unconsciously. We compare, share, and like throughout the day. It even impacts our romantic relationships. 21BisWired asked three couples about the impact of social media on their relationship. Sexologist, Yasmine Sterckx shares her view and experience from patiënts.  


In our relationships, we tend to compare ourselves to other couples, Yasmien explains: ‘What I often see with couples is that social media puts extra pressure on the relationship. On Instagram, Facebook or other social media you see how other couples live. I think we often tend to forget that that’s not always the reality. You see all the positive things but not what happens between the two. That puts a lot of pressure on a relationship. People start questioning their relationship, they are wondering if they travel enough like the other couple on Instagram or if they spend enough time doing fun stuff.’

We asked three couples if they compare themselves to other couples and why they do that.


Jealousy is nothing new between couples. In times of social media, there are more options. Liking a picture of a pretty girl or commenting a nice reaction on a boy’s new profile picture. Are we becoming more jealous than before? ‘I don’t think couples are more jealous than before. I think it’s just a different way of jealousy. I think you can compare liking a picture of someone else to dancing with someone else in the past. It’s almost the same thing. Couples aren’t more jealous, it’s just in a different way.’

The couples explain why liking a picture of another girl or boy isn’t so innocent as it sounds.


‘Checking social media before going to bed is something that a lot of couples do. I catch myself doing that as well. Back in the days it wasn’t like that, you had more physical contact with your partner, or you had a chat before you went to bed. So in a way, social media can make us less intimate. Not everybody has that experience of course.’, Yasmine explains.

What do our couples prefer? Intimacy or social media?

Text: Michelle Peters, video: Michelle Peters, Jan De Bent