International student Gilbert from Uganda opens up about homesickness: ‘Do not always lock yourself up in your room’

Homesickness is very common among people who move to another country permanently or just for a while. International student Akky Gilbert Jeff also knows that feeling after leaving behind his beloved home country Uganda to study at Thomas More.

As a radio maker from Uganda, Akky Gilbert Jeff moved to Mechelen to study International Journalism at our school and improve his skills. After being in Belgium for several months, he is starting to feel at home. At last, because Gilbert also suffered from homesickness for quite some time. Especially when does Gilbert feel this way? Listen down below.



It sure is not easy to make yourself feel better when you are living in a foreign country without the direct support of the people you love. However, Gilbert managed to create his own medicine for homesickness.



For many, music is a way to unwind and to let go of unpleasant thoughts. Which genre does Gilbert most enjoy listening to? He tells you down below.



However, music is not a remedy for everyone. Many international students and workers suffer from homesickness but don’t really know how to make this feeling bearable. Gilbert has some good advice for these people.



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Text: Giulia Latinne, interviewer: Giulia Latinne, interviewee: Akky Gilbert Jeff, photo:  © Aram Van den Eynde