To stay or go back after finishing your study?

Jimé is a student in Belgium, who’s born in Colombia and lived with her family in Ecuador. Her father still lives is Ecuador, one sister lives in Colombia and another sister lives in Spain.

Since she’s in her second year of her study, she starts to think about to stay or to go after graduating. Does she already know what to do?


There are different reasons to stay in your new country. Jimé also has a reason why she’s thinking about staying in Belgium.

But since she’s not sure about staying in or leaving Belgium she also got a for her important reason to go back to Ecuador or Colombia.

Right now it’s her second year in Belgium and she is getting to know the country and the people who live in Belgium. She found something out about the Belgians.

Does she already know what to do after finishing her bachelor in Belgium? And where she will live?

It’s clear it can be hard to decide what to do stay or leave. Jimé isn’t sure yet, but is already thinking about her future after finishing her bachelor. One thing’s for sure, she will live in Belgium for at least another year and after that year she will keep living in Europe to do a master education.

Text: Kim Beekema, Audio: Kim Beekema, Photo: ©Jimé