Anne-Sophie in Thailand

Two different reasons, two new homes

Anne-Sophie had a home growing up, she lived there with her dad. But when she was 15 her father passed away and she had to go live in a foster home for 3 years.

She talks about this experience and what it meant to her to live without family and with people you don’t know in the beginning. She had to adapt to the situation and the changes but she had some tricks to feel at home.

Even though the first time not living at home was because of an unhappy reason, she left her new home situation with her boyfriend to go on an exchange. She decided to live in Thailand for 10 months and go to school over there.

Living in Thailand was a great experience and she really liked it. A reason for the great experience was the school she went to and what they did to help the exchange students.

Listen to Anne-Sophie’s story below and find out what her tip is for people who are leaving home or thinking about living somewhere else.

Text: Kim Beekema, Audio: Kim Beekema, Photo: ©Anne-Sophie