Get ready for the 1-day scavenger hunt at home with GISH

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt created a one-day scavenger hunt taking place on April 25-26 for 24 hours benefitting charity. With the coronavirus, we’re not allowed to go outside. However, GISH’s one-day scavenger hunt was designed specifically for you to do it from the comfort of your own home. 

GISH stands for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt and was founded by actor Misha Collins known from Supernatural, a TV series about two brothers hunting the supernatural. He started the initiative as a fun and creative outlet that benefits charity. GISH annually takes place during the first week of August. But now with the coronavirus, they created a one-day scavenger hunt. It works as followed, GISH makes a list of items that you have to obtain or make. The goal is then for you and your team to complete as many items on the list. It sounds easy, but the items are extremely out-of-the-box. Some items you can expect to find on the list are: making armor out of junk mail, rapping about a historical figure, or drawing a Star Trek figure on your dinner in ketchup. It’s all designed so you can make the items with materials at home.

Missing meals due to coronavirus
Because of the coronavirus, a lot of children are missing out on meals. Every registration to GISH’s scavenger hunt provides 10 meals to kids. For their scavenger hunt, GISH partnered up with Save the Children, Random Acts, and No Kid Hungry. In the past, through GISH, more than 1 million dollars has been donated to charity.


Registration for the hunt closes on April 20. If you wanna scavenge along and help charity visit GISH for more information.

Text and picture: © M VL