Podcast – Going abroad: ‘I think the government here in South-Korea could have done more to prevent an outbreak’

Studying abroad may not be the most obvious thing to do at the moment, but before the lockdown we talked with 3 students who are currently doing so.

First, we talked to the British Sara-Jane Vanstone. She is quit the adventuress woman who moved to Belgium without a home to reside in. She also made the choice to stay here during the times of corona.

We also spoke with the Russian Katerina Ostrovskaya (19), or Kate for her friends in Belgium. She is absolutely in love with Belgium and wants nothing more than to move here later on.

Last but not least we spoke with Louize Raskin (23), a Belgian student who went abroad to South Korea. She tells us how her study exchange was affected by the corona crisis in South Korea.

Listen to their stories here.

Podcast: ©Kim Achtergaele, reportage: Lene Hosten & Enea Verdoliva, radio host: Seppe Ceunen, media: Shellsea Bosmans, technical: Lien Thys, research: Heleen Dehollogne, editor in chief: Yoni Van den Dycke, audio: Royalty free youtube: Happy Life – Fredji, picture credits: Louise Raskin, Katerina Ostrovskaya and Sara-Jane Vanstone