How young people experience corona around the globe

As part of many (anonymous) international online communities, our 21bis reporter Robbe has heard quite a few stories, from many different people. Right now however, they’re all about how they are getting through the coronavirus crisis.

As part of many (English speaking) online communities myself, I’ve met many ‘strangers’. A good part of them have the same age as I do, and I find it interesting how different our experiences in life are. This coronavirus crisis has been a big experience for all of us. So I gathered stories and experiences from students, or people who just got their first job. They’re all mainly from Europe and America, but the occasional Russian or New Zealanders slips in, as well as one middle-aged composer.

(editor’s note: for the sake of anonymity I’ve used their online names, not their real ones.)


Text: Robbe Debraekeleer

Photo: ©Aaditya Arora