Podcast: How do we look beyond assumptions of refugees?

For every 10 boys, only 7 girls with a refugee background get a proper education. 1 in 5 refugee women has experienced some form of sexual violence and women who live in refugee camps have higher risks to live in poverty.

Despite the fact that refugee women are still disadvantaged, over 50% of them still do make a positive life for themselves after everything they went through. That is what Mehdi Firouzi, psychologist at Solentra, told at an interview for this podcast.

But why is there still a lot of negativity around the word refugee?

Listen to what Vida has to say about this

Yara from the catering business From Syria With Love talks about why we no longer should talk about the word refugee.

Listen to what Yara has to say

This is a podcast about women who fled their country. Not just refugees. Because if you look beyond that word, you see empowered human beings, who are doing amazing things.

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This podcast was made possible thanks to the great stories of Yara, Vida and Maria. Thanks to the expertise of Mehdi Firouzi and Shedidit. It has been made possible by the help of my promotors Arkasha Keysers and Eline Vandenbroucke. I would like to thank all women taking time to make this story come alive. You are amazing. Thanks.


Podcast and text: Jess Willems, Illustration by Noelle Otto via Pexels, Music by MusicTherapy