Klimaatfestival, the climate festival that looks at climate change through a philosophical lens

The city of Antwerp is hosting Klimaatfestival, a climate festival in artistic house Het Bos on the 14th of October until the 18th. The central theme of the climate festival is ‘imagination’: challenging you to look at climate change through a cultural-philosophical lens.

The festival is organized by Troebel (translation: trouble), a new philosophical Antwerp-based platform that aims to bring some enlightenment in a ‘troubled world’. Via workshops, art exhibitions, and performances, Klimaatfestival aims to encourage new ways of imagining and realizing a new green and social future.

Not only do they offer a workshop on how to upcycle your old clothes, but they’re also displaying a climate dictionary made by youngsters of Brussels. And if you’re worried about COVID-19, don’t worry, measures have been taken and masks are mandatory. But if you’re still worried, Klimaatfestival offers podcasts and video tutorials for free on their online platform, so that you can learn all about climate change from the comfort of your couch.

Klimaatfestival will take place Wednesday 14th October from 1 p.m until Sunday 18th October 10 p.m. Entrance is free, however, you are obliged to register. For more information, visit www.klimaatfestivalantwerpen.be

Text: M VL, picture: Noaa via Unsplash