Armistice Day: an important time to commemorate

11 November was Armistice Day. Armistice Day is an official day off in Belgium. A very important time for the Belgian city of Ypres. In the First World War during the last battle in March 1918 Ypres was completely destroyed. Under the Menenpoort in Ypres the last post is being played every evening. This is a tribute to all those who died during the First World War. Due to the corona measures, no public was allowed to attend the daily commemoration ceremony, but people could visit the many cemeteries or attend the ceremony via The Last Post Facebook.

In addition, there are many monuments, military cemeteries and other places of interest around Ypres with involvement up to the First World War. For example, you can go to the military cemetery of Saint-Charles de Potyze or visit the Yorkshire Trench where you can walk through the First World War trenches situated along the Ieperlee canal.

Text and video: Charlotte van den Bogaerd en Isabelle Spapé, Photo: Charlotte van den Bogaerd