56% of Flemish people are willing to take the vaccine against COVID-19

56% of Flemish people want to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, with especially more willingness from elderly people and young adults. This was found by the University of Ghent, which started a large-scale study with 6.056 respondents. Compared to 42% of Britons and 37% of Germans who are willing to take the vaccine, the amount for Flanders, the north part of Belgium, is rather high. Flemish researchers are positive about the vaccination campaign.

30% responded that they aren’t ready to take the vaccine yet, with less willingness from women and low educated people to take the vaccine. The survey also teaches us that 57% responded that they would encourage others to take it, and are also convinced that encouraging voluntary vaccination would work. The survey also indicates that the willingness to take the vaccine can still increase.

Germans and Britons are less likely to take the vaccine. YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, found that 42% of Britons will definitely take the vaccine, and 25% are likely to take it. The willingness of Germans to definitely take the vaccine is also rather low, with 37% likely, which is a rise of 3% since a survey in August. This was researched by Tagesschau, a German national and international television news service. 33% of Britians are still unsure about the vaccination, compared to 29% of Germans.

Text: Jilke Tielemans, photo: © Anna Shvets via Pexels