Young entrepreneurs take over Leuven

The corona virus has made it extremely hard for young people to find a job, let alone start their own business. That’s where BAAS comes in. BAAS is an entrepreneurship course, created by MIJNLEUVEN, which is the city of Leuven’s youth service. MIJNLEUVEN offers projects to stimulate young people, to make them grow and evolve. The idea behind this project is to help young people, between the age of 18 and 28, to create, inspire and grow their own business.

There are four different kinds of courses. Each of them is made for a different level in their process. GEEN IDEE, PRIL IDEE, PRE STARTER and STARTER. GEEN IDEE is for those who don’t have a business idea yet, and could use some information and help taking their first steps. The second one, PRIL IDEE, is for people who do have an idea but want to explore the different possibilities. PRE STARTER and STARTER, help people who already created a business with their administration and their future. Each course takes place on a different evening, during the week.

Personal coaching

The BAAS trajectory does not just consist of these four courses. Beginners and more advanced entrepreneurs get the opportunity to take the next step. If they are certain about a totally new idea, or about expanding their business, they get to pitch their ideas for a jury. If the pitch is good enough, the person will be selected for the BAAS-selection. In this selection, the entrepreneurs get personal coaching during the months that follow. The cherry on the cake is your own BAAS pop-up after months of training.

According to alderman of Youth in Leuven, Dirk Vansina, it is very important to stimulate entrepreneurship amongst the youth. Certainly during these challenging times.

Just do it

If you are up for a new adventure to start the year with, or you want some help growing your existing business, you can enrol on the MIJNLEUVEN website until the 27th of January 2021. The actual course will start on the 1st of February and will end around the end of April. The corona measures will obviously decide how and where the courses will take place.

Text: Claire Gevers, photo, ©Andreas Klassen