Podcast – The ongoing struggle of Somalia

Somalia is facing a lot of challenges and news and stories about the country rarely reach us. They have to deal with heavy rainfall, drought, clannism and on top of that, of course, COVID19 as well. It has been difficult to find experts to talk to. Both the United Nations Refugee Agency and Human Rights Watch did not want to comment on the situation. Luckily we found someone who does know what’s going on there.

Richard Crodders has been working in Somalia for 4 years with the international rescue committee, a worldwide organization that works with refugees of victims of war and victims of natural disasters.

We also spoke with Abdalle Ahmed Mumin. He is a journalist in Somalia and secretary-general at the Somalia syndicate company, Being a journalist in Somalia is dangerous. He has received many death threats and is a survivor of the shootings in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. He tells us about his experiences.

Once again our broadcast, Tell Me More, has dug up a story that has been buried underneath the Coronavirus news. If you didn’t have the chance to listen to our program, no need to worry. I’ll give all of the highlights in this podcast below:

Text & podcast: Kim Achtergaele, Shellsea Bosmans, Yoni Van den Dycke, music: Youtube audio library – Passing Time Kevin Macleod photo: Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 UN Photo/Tobin Jones