Black Speaks Back movement reflects on exhibition ‘If UR Reading This It’s 2 Late’ by Tony Cokes

ARGOS, the centre for audiovisual arts in Brussels, is currently featuring the exhibition If UR Reading This It’s 2 Late, by the American artist Tony Cokes. The video artwork reflects on social and political problems. Since the beginning of this year, the Dutch organisation Black Speaks Back has been sharing their thoughts on his work with Response #1.

Black Speaks Back is a movement known for discussing the representation of the Afro-community in the mainstream media. Through a video reacting to Cokes’ work, viewers are able to share their own opinion on topics such as social justice. Stimulated by the comments of people from various cultural backgrounds, the exhibition creates a platform for open debate.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Response #1 can only be experienced on the ARGOS website, until March 1st.

More information about the event as well as the different conversations and videos can be found on their website.

Text: Marie-Julie Van de Sijpe, photo: by Aneta Pawlik on Unsplash