Mashid Mohadjerin exhibits the struggles of Iranian women in ‘Freedom is not free’ in Antwerp

In the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp Iranian-born photographer Mashid Mohadjerin exposes the diverse history of women during the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa. Freedom is not free is a combination of historical documents and artistic elements in the format of collages, texts, and pictures. The exhibit has been running since February 12th and will continue until March 7th. 

Mohadjerin’s work takes the audience through a journey of contrasting themes such as loss and creation, past and present, war and peace, joy and pain. Her art book portrays the public and private lives of Iranian women from the towns of her childhood. The Iranian Revolution in 1979 leading to the establishment of the Iranian Republic stained the lives of these women, presented visually throughout the display. 

Freedom is not free is part of Mohadjerin’s PHD study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the University of Antwerp. The exhibition is a product of her academic research paper exploring female freedom fighters in the Arab world.


Text: Charlotte Ariën, photo: Recovering Sick Soul from CCSearch