Black History Month: Rwandan adoptees talk about identity in new Youtube series

For this year’s Black History Month, a collective of Belgian organizations presents a brand new series on YouTube called Table Talk. The four-part series will focus on Rwandan adoptees and how archiving has helped them on their journey to their identity. 


Rwanda en Zoveel Meer, a Belgian organization that brings together Rwandan adoptees, is collaborating with Black History Month Belgium and Antwerp-based culture centre De Roma for a series on Rwandan adoptees living in Belgium. Black History Month yearly celebrates black culture all over the world and preserves its history by holding conversations with several mediums or art forms like podcasts, art galleries, music events, etc. This year, the topic for Black History Month is archiving your own history. Working around the topic, four episodes will air weekly on Black History Month Belgium’s YouTube channel. Three episodes have already premiered and show two adoptees from different generations addressing the importance of properly archiving their own history. 


As an organization, Rwandan en Zoveel Meer, focuses on healing and helping those who have no idea how to trace back their roots. Table Talk is meant to the adoptees a platform to further educate anyone who’s willing to listen.


Tekst: Christa Buki, Foto: Christina Morillo via Pexels