Architect Carl Verdickt: ‘The authenticity in Antwerp in the Seefhoek makes it appealing for creative people’

The Seefhoek is a very creative neighbourhood situated in Antwerp, Belgium. Many people don’t know that there is a lot of hidden art in the district. The famous Belgian sculptor Panamarenko worked and lived here. Also Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh stayed in the Seefhoek for a while. Young people might recognize the place from the songs of Belgian rapper Tourist LeMc. Clearly an inspirational neighbourhood for creative minds. One of the reasons why Carl Verdickt, a thriving Belgian architect, created a coworking place called A-SPACE: a place for architects, artists and designers.

Architect Carl Verdickt: ‘The Seefhoek is very authentic in contrast to other neighbourhoods’ © Amaryllis De Bast

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Documentary: Amaryllis De Bast & Kasper Speltincx, camera: Kasper Speltincx, sound: Kasper Speltincx, photographs: © Amaryllis De Bast