Caring for our planet on a student budget: 8 tips & tricks

Each year, events such as Global Earth day remind us to support environmental protection. Students want to be part of a better future, but most of them do not have the budget to donate. How can they still be involved? Here are 8 tips & tricks.


1.Join student-led organisations

Organisations for students by students can be the ultimate motivation. The goal of initiatives such as the Belgian organisation Students for Climate is to achieve an ambitious and socially fair Belgian climate policy. You can be part of local communities that organize nearby events such as manifestations and other movements.


2.Use your frustrations as a motivation 

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious about environmental disasters in the world can be a rational motivation to manifest. In fact, the urgent demands of Greta Thunberg led to a global movement which brought millions of people onto the streets. Thurnberg reached many politicians who offered to take action against climate change. She is the example that the younger generation can have an impact when standing up for a better future.


3. Beat The Microbead

Did you know there is a way to check if there are any microplastics in the cosmetics you use? With the app Beat The Microbead you can scan products in the store to see if they contain miniscule pieces of plastic.You can also avoid these ingredients by buying products with the Zero Plastic Inside logo.


4. Participate in online events 

But how can you stay connected with the world during a global pandemic? The website Earthday.org provides a calendar with global online events to explore the world of activism. Join the conversation with environmental justice leaders or listen to the creative approach of artists on climate change. You can find more information about the event Global Earth Day on the official website of Earth Day.


5. #PlasticfreeMay

A well-known, easy way to make a small effort that has a big impact, is to reduce your plastic waste. The motto of the Belgian campaign ‘Mei Plasticvrij’ is ‘refuse, reduce, reuse and then recycle’. They want to challenge you to reduce your use of disposable plastic during the month of May and think about better alternatives. The website offers some reasons why participating is a good idea.


6. Influence your environment

Remind your friends about their values and things they can’t seem to live without. This is a way to motivate them to actively think about solutions.


7. Turn living alone into an advantage

If you rent a room or studio on your own as a college student, you are in control of your own consumption. Start with changing your behaviour when it comes to the amount of electricity and water you use.Trying a plant-based meal is one example of sustainable food consumption.


8. Public transportation

It is generally known that public transportation is the easiest solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially for students. Another alternative is to start biking instead of driving to your destination. 


Text: Marie-Julie Van de Sijpe, photo: Dominic Wunderlich via Pixabay