Intermedia has their election week

Intermedia is kicking off Spooky Season at Thomas More Mechelen

Student organisation ‘Intermedia’ has Halloween-themed activities planned for the entire week, starting the 11Th of October. They invite all students to their ‘BloodyMedia’ theme week. From a ‘Scary Fair Fac’ on Monday to their ‘Fright night’ on Thursday, they offer multiple opportunities for students to meet each other and celebrate Halloween a little early.

An election for Intermedia’s praesidium takes place on the 16th of October. Candidates show their potential this week leading up to the vote through these different activities. This also precedes their student initiation. ‘BloodyMedia’ is their opportunity to show what the organisation is all about. The events are open to everyone.

Monday evening starts with the ‘Scary Fair Fac’ but the activities aren’t only at night. The next day, they have ‘Body Candy’ – their candy sale followed by the ‘Dead Men Walking’ pub crawl.

It might not be Friday the 13th, but Intermedia wasn’t leaving the 13th without a party. Wednesday evening, they will throw a costume party, including a prize for the best costume. They give you the option of a ‘Frankenstein’s Make Over‘ too.  On Thursday, Intermedia will have their ‘Witchsoup Sale’. The festivities end with their ‘Fright Night.



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In case you want to join the Intermedia or if you have any question, you can find all their information here.


Text: Anke Vandeweyer, final editor: Leilani Duroyaume
Photo: © Stella Meulemans