Lidl strikes: what happened?

Yesterday, there was a large strike at many Lidl locations in Belgium. After a long day of classes, you’re finally free to go to the supermarket to get that food you’ve been dreaming about all day. Of course you go to the Lidl, because we all know it’s the most affordable supermarket. After a cycle trip across the city you try to get in, but the doors stay as closed as can be. What’s happening?

Photo: ©Manon Botterblom

The main reason of this sudden strike is the high work pressure that the employees suffer from. According to them, it needs to be solved and it needs to be solved quickly. If you’ve ever been to the Lidl, you may notice that most of the time there’s only one, sometimes two cashiers sitting at the checkout.

You can imagine the pressure if the waiting line just keeps increasing and increasing and nothing’s changing that. Lidl states that if the government won’t do anything about it fast, the strikes will keep happening until there’s a agreement.

Where yesterday the most strikes took place in Flanders, today they will mostly happen in Wallonia. But don’t be surprised if the Lidl in your town will be closed during the rest of the week.