Teaching students about Black British History

October is Black History Month in the UK. A lot of British schools don’t have Black British history in their curriculum. Lavinya Stennett (23), a young British woman of colour, wanted to change that. That’s when she decided to create The Black Curriculum. This is an organization that provides programs and trainings for schools to spread knowledge about Black history.

The Black Curriculum provides arts-based programs, teacher trainings and campaigns to mobilize social change. Their goal is to educate young students on Black History. By doing so they want to make sure young people feel like they can belong somewhere and feel accepted.

On the website of the organization you can find free educational videos and tools. Although face to face programs are also available in the UK. These assets are accessible for students, teachers and firms.

Text & Image: Zoë Van Schooten, Final Editor: Charlotte Haemels