21bis Video News: Thursday November 18th



Watch our weekly video news, in English, aimed for international students in Flanders.


This week we covered:

  • The Armistice day commemoration and the Gent Light Festival.
  • The Buddhistic festival Loy Krathong in Mechelen.
  • Our reporters visited ‘Bloedserieus’ organized by the Red Cross Flanders in Leuven 
  • Furthermore, we welcomed Saint Nicholas — also known as Sinterklaas in Dutch —  and we went to Brussels for Kingsday.
  • We spoke to several International students at Thomas more on the International Students day.
  • For the kick-off Grand Slam of Darts in Wolverhampton, our reporters dived into the Belgian Grand Slam scene.
  • Lastly, we visited the exhibitions: ‘Human Zoo’ at the Africa museum in Tervuren and we spoke to young artists during the expo ‘Definition: a collection of things’ in the Cultural centre in Mechelen.




Presenter: Charlotte Van Den Eede & Amaryllis De Bast , director: Denise Perdeck, assistant director: Mirlanda Van Hoyweghen, recording director: Lieselot Lambinet, media manager: Elias Gijbels: sound: Stella Meulemans, camera: Cédric Kik, prompter: Jill Apers