#CallToEarth: a day to celebrate our planet

American News network, CNN, hosts their first Call to Earth Day on November 10. A day to celebrate the planet and remember to take care of it.  Anyone can participate in this day via TV or online. 

CNN organizes Call to Earth on November 10 with the reason to celebrate our planet. Through the channels of CNN, you will be able to hear stories about earth and the people that are trying to save it. 

Anyone can participate with this event. All you have to do is something positive that constributes to our globe. For example, you can hold an online session with an expert or a workshop, pick up trash on the street. On the site of the CNN you can find some more examples. 

Post a picture

If you can’t participate that day, you could also post a picture of nature that means something to you on social media with the #CalltoEarth. Don’t forget to include why this is important to you and why it should be protected. 

For more information about this event, you can check their site. 

Tekst, photo: © Kylie Vanderhulst, final editor: Zoë Van Schooten