EXHIBITION – ‘Masculinities’ explores many representations of men


Antwerp’s largest photo museum FOMU is currently exhibiting the works of many photographers, artists and filmmakers in Masculinities: Liberation through photography. The display portrays different ways masculinity has been presented in society. 


Masculinities explores different representations of men or people who identify as a man through film and photography from the 1960s to the present day. The themes covered include power, female views on men, queer identity and stereotypes. International artists such as Catherine Opie, Sunil Gupta and Isaac Julien have all contributed to the collection. 

Watch the video below for a brief preview of the exhibition:

Uncoincidentally, November is also known as ‘Movember’ or Men’s Health Awareness Month. Movember advocates physical and mental health check-ups for men. 


The exhibition will be on display until 13.03.2022.


Text: ©Charlotte Ariën, final editor: Sam Depraetere
Collage: ©Charlotte Ariën, images used:
emre keshavarz via Pexels, Monstera via Pexels, khalifa waleed via Pexels, Thgusstavo Santana via Pexels, Armin Rimoldi via Pexels