Fort VI party halls in Antwerp remain closed

Right before the start of the new academic year, students of the University of Antwerp received disappointing news. The party halls in Fort 6 in Wilrijk, a southern district of the city of Antwerp,  will remain closed due to ventilation problems.  In search of a solution, the non-profit organization De spoed started a petition which already received more than 4.000 signatures. In this way they want to show how important Fort VI is. Especially after a long corona period, students feel the need even more to enjoy the nightlife culture. For the students of the Wilrijk campus of the university the party location is also nearby.

Are you curious about these party halls and why it is so important for students of Antwerp? Watch the video below.

Text: Jill Apers

Video: Britt Vervoort & Jill Apers

Foto door Aleksandar Pasaric via Pexels