Meta unable to use name on their own platform Instagram

American social network association Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, can’t use its new name as a username on Instagram. A name change also involves a name change of social media accounts, but the username Meta was already taken on Instagram by a motorcycle magazine. Because of that, the Instagram account of the former Facebook Inc. is called @wearemeta and not @meta. On Twitter, the name was still available.

Twitter users noted that the account did not have the name and found it ludicrous that the company had not thought of that. On both Twitter and Instagram, all usernames are unique.

Facebook Inc. changed its umbrella name to Meta two weeks ago and it has received criticism since then. For example, it allegedly tried to buy its name from a computer company also named Meta for over $20 million, about €17.2 million, which already filed a trademark for the name.



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Text: Sam Depraetere, final editor: Renske Van Hoof
Image: © Sam Depraetere