Post-corona party guide: 5 must-haves for going out (again)

After the pandemic kept the world inside for so long, some of you might have forgotten how to party. Time to clear that up again. Here are 5 must-haves for partying safely, for as long as still possible. Because you never know when the world will shut down again. 

A power bank
Now that you’re still allowed to go out, you will do it all night. Time to catch up with all you had to miss. If you’re planning on going out for long, you don’t want to end up with a dead phone. That’s why it never hurts to keep a power bank on you.

CovidSafe pass

Sadly enough, the pandemic has yet to end. That’s why most festivals and parties require a valid covid safe pass. How do you get one? Simply download the app CovidSafe and your proof of vaccination will be right at your fingertips. Show your pass at the entry, and you’re ready to party.

A mouth mask
I know, I know. This might be one of the least pleasant things on the list. Still, masks are still necessary if you don’t have a recent negative test. Also when taking public transport, and standing in line. So maybe put an extra mask in your bag. That way you might save a friend who forgot theirs.

Paper tissues

Nothing is worse than having no toilet paper after waiting in line for so long. To avoid this awkward moment, bring a pack of tissues when going out. If the toilet paper runs out on you, you will be happy you have some backup.

Cash money
Since the pandemic, the use of cash money has somewhat lessened. Stores and bars prefer you pay with a card. However, most lockers still use coins. You don’t want to carry around your heavy jacket all night, do you? 

Text and photos: ©Fleur Bijtebier
Final editor: Sam Depraetere