Travis Scott facing charges following AstroWorld disaster

Rapper Travis Scott is facing serious charges after people died during his concert. The first lawsuits, following Friday’s tragic events, have been filed against him and his staff. Scott and Live Nation are being accused of causing riots and neglect, leading to unsafe situations. This isn’t anything new to the rapper, as he had already been arrested multiple times for similar charges.  

A tragedy unfolded at Travis Scott’s festival, Astroworld, this Friday. Eight people have been confirmed dead and dozens were injured. Whilst Scott has apologized over social media, concertgoers are blaming him for the tragedy. In various videos, it becomes clear that the rapper and staff simply did not respond after being told about the events taking place in the audience. You can clearly see the ambulances trying to get through the mass of people while the rapper continued the show for approximately 37 minutes after being aware of the situation. This started a massive discussion surrounding who is to blame and what the consequences will be.

The exact charges
The family of one of the victims has now claimed $1 million in damages. A second concertgoer has also charged rapper Drake, who appeared as a surprise act during the show. Various people that attended the show, have spoken out through social media, about the organization’s failed security system. At this moment, Live Nation still has to respond to the accusations.


Text: Charlotte Haemels, final edit: Zoë Van Schooten

Photo: Iñaki Espejo-Saavedra