New euro banknotes on the way

By 2024, the European banknotes will have a new look. They want to design them with the help of citizens all over Europe.  The Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren can collaborate on the design for these future banknotes.

Each European Member State may send someone from their country to participate in the banknote design. The European Central Bank has appointed Stephan Vanfleteren as one of the experts. Vanfleteren is a well-known Belgian photographer who already has several World Press Photo awards to his name. He is especially known for his contrasting and characteristic black and white portraits. 

He will be the only person from Belgium who will sit at the table with all the other people who have been chosen to work on the design. When these banknotes will exactly appear is not clear yet. 

Text & image: © Kylie Vanderhulst
Final editor: Charlotte Haemels