QVAX reserve list for booster vaccine relaunches in Belgium

The Qvax reserve list for COVID-19 vaccines is relaunching in Belgium today (December 2). Everyone who is eighteen or older will have the possibility to register for the booster shot faster. Leftover vaccines will be distributed to people on the reserve list, meaning all doses will be used by the end of each day. 

How does Qvax work?
Qvax is a website where everyone can voluntarily register on a reserve list to get the COVID-19 booster earlier. The registration is available for everyone who lives in Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels, or the German-speaking part. To register on the website it is required to be eighteen or older, to provide your identification number, contact details and the time of your appointment. 

The system aims to use all the vaccines without any waste. In case someone doesn’t show up at the immunization center, the spot will be taken by the one who registered on this list. If a vaccination center close to your home has an extra dose of vaccine, you will get a notification via email or text. You can get vaccinated if you accept the request in no more than thirty minutes. In case you’re not available at that moment, the dose will be offered to someone else. You’ll get notified about a possible free spot another time until you manage to take the vaccine. 

Vaccination process for international students
The vaccination process for international students works the same as for Belgian residents. ‘The procedure is very similar to the one for Belgian nationals,’ says Shantanu Pardhi, a student from India who recently moved to Brussels. ‘Just make an appointment and don’t forget your Belgian ID card – the card from the commune, and passport. There were some issues regarding my Belgian ID card, but they still got me vaccinated,’ explains Shantanu.

Ahmed Hassan is another international student, studying Applied Architecture in Flanders. He took his first vaccination dose at the end of September. The process was simple, explains Ahmed: `I didn’t get a vaccine in Ukraine, so I decided to do it here. I’ve got an email from my university, explaining we could get vaccinated in Belgium. I haven’t registered anywhere. The vaccination center was right in front of our campus. It was very easy, the process didn’t take more than 15 minutes.’

After more than two months from the first vaccine, Ahmed wants to take the booster dose. ‘I’m planning to take the booster dose if it is possible, but I still don’t have enough information regarding where and when I could do that. I didn’t know about Qvax. It is a useful tool since I’m looking forward to having my second dose before the Christmas holidays.’

When can you get the booster dose?
Vaccinated people can plan the date of their next booster depending on how long ago they took the first dose. The brand of the vaccine is also important. Two months need to lapse after one jab of Johnson and Johnson. AstraZeneca is administered four months after the second dose, while Pfizer or Moderna after six months. People can register on QVAX once these periods have passed.  

Text: Laurenția Jora, final edit: Leïlani Duroyaume
Photo: © Laurenția Jora