These are the youth’s New Year’s resolutions

The year 2021 has almost come to an end. For some, that might sound like a good thing. I went around and asked some youngsters if they fulfilled any New Year’s resolutions this year. And what are their New Year’s resolutions for 2022? 


Laurentia Jora (20)  

‘Are there any resolutions that you have completed this year?’
‘Last year, I told myself that I was going to say “yes” a lot more,’ Laurentia says. Laurentia is an Erasmus student at Thomas More. ‘I especially wanted to say “yes” to new opportunities that would come to me. And I did,’ she said with a smile on her face. ‘It was that decision that made me go on Erasmus. I have no regret for that resolution.

‘Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year?’
‘I would like to become more confident,’ Laurentia replies. ‘I really need to believe in myself more. So that is definitely something I will be working on.’

Manon Botterblom (20)

‘Did you complete any New Year’s resolution that you are proud of?’
‘I usually don’t make any, to be honest,’ Manon says. Manon is, just like Laurentia, an Erasmus student at Thomas More. ‘I just think they don’t really work. It’s still a nice thought though.’

‘So you won’t make any resolutions for 2022?’
‘If I have to make one, I would say that I want to be nicer to people,’ Manon replies. ‘I most definitely don’t want to make any resolutions for materialistic things. So you won’t hear me saying I want to work towards a car or something.’

Robbe Staes (21)

‘Did you fulfil any New Year’s resolutions you made last year?
‘I only had one, actually,’ Robbe says. Robbe studies History at the University of Antwerp. ‘I really wanted to travel the world. I had a lot of spare time this year and was planning on using it to travel. Sadly enough, corona didn’t help with that.’

‘Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet for the upcoming year?’
‘Just like I said last year, I would love to travel more,’ Robbe goes on. But I’m afraid it will take a long while before we can travel freely again if corona keeps getting worse.’

Jill Apers (23) 

‘Are there any resolutions that you have fulfilled this year?’
‘If I am being honest, no I did not,’ Jill says while laughing. ‘I never stick to them. I say I want to work out more, but after a few days I already fail.’

‘Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year?’
‘Ironically enough, my New Year’s resolution is not to make any resolutions’, Jill says with a smile. That way, I can’t fail them. Smart, right?’

Text: Fleur Bijtebier, final editor: Zoë Van Schooten
Photos: ©Fleur Bijtebier