Will flight MH370 finally be found?

After almost 7 years, there might be a breakthrough in the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. On the 8th of March 2014, the airplane mysteriously went missing on its way to Beijing. Its last contact was 39 minutes after taking off and it vanished from the air traffic control radar 2 minutes later. The search for the plane, carrying 239 people, quickly became the most controversial and costly one in history.

British engineer Richard Godfrey claims to have found MH370’s exact location by using his newest tracking technology.  The plane is said to have crashed at about 1,933 km West of Perth in Australia, almost 4.000 metres below the ocean’s surface. Godfrey has continuously made claims surrounding the disappearance, stating it was an act of terrorism by the pilot himself.

He discovered consistent radio signals that can be found every two minutes during the flight. This allowed him to narrow the search zone down to the point in which there was one specific area left. Richard Godfrey declared that the mystery could be solved by the end of 2022, providing they do thorough searches over various miles of the Indian Ocean. 

Text: Charlotte Haemels, final editor: Anke Vandeweyer

Image: Flickr Paul Rowbotham