Russians against the war

Protesting against your home country: ‘I am not proud of being Russian’

Mariia Arseenko (30) lives in Brussels and wants to make herself heard for the people who cannot do so in Russia. ‘People in my country cannot speak, but I can. I will speak here.’ Together with other Russians in Belgium, she organizes protests against the regime and actions to show their solidarity. Because being Russian does not mean that you agree with the Russian regime.

In the Facebook group Russian solidarity in Belgium, members post photos and videos of their solidarity actions. In this way, they want to show that they disagree with the war in Ukraine and that they feel sorry for the victims. ‘It is important to bring the idea that not the entire country supports the war in Ukraine.’ In this reportage, Mariia talks about being Russian and about the actions she organizes.

Reportage: Maya Teughels, camera: Maya Teughels, sound: Hermeline Van Theemsche
Photo: © Maya Teughels