What is the most paying region and sector to work in Belgium?

Statbel, the Belgian governmental statistics office, published their findings on a working sector in Belgium on September 27. The research was based on the salaries of more than 130,000 employees of Belgian companies. 

The research has found that the salaries in Brussels are 17% more than on average in Belgium, while Wallonia is the least paying region. The average gross income for a full-time employee in Belgium is 3,832 euros per month. The sector with the highest wages is petrochemistry, whereas the one with the lowest wages is the hospitality industry. The research has also found that those Belgian employees who have a master’s diploma earn 47% more than on average in the country.

We asked Thomas More University’s second-year Belgian students who are in Media & Entertainment Business program about their working experience. Romee works in a chocolate shop Leonidas in Lier: ‘In Belgium it’s hard to find a job without a diploma. You need connections to work, especially in the media sector. When I finish university, I want to be a media producer. Now I’m only able to do a student job on Saturdays when I have free time’. Her course mates, Lotte and Nelke, said they’re also doing student jobs at the coffee shop and a bakery but strive to become successful media actors in the future.

Photo: Annie Spratt through Unsplash