Finnish waste food online store opens in Flanders under the name Foodello

The opening is a continuation of the online store that opened in Holland at the beginning of the year. How fast did the company reach the same size category in Holland as it did in Finland in three years?

By the UN’s sustainable development goals, the EU member states have committed to halving the amount of food waste in retail and at the consumer level by 2030. In Finland, the long-standing public debate about reducing food waste is also reflected in the attitudes of consumers. Recently, the topic has come up in discussions more and more in other European countries as well.

The online store’s selection consists of disposal and residual items from food manufacturers, importers, and wholesale chains, which are at risk of being destroyed.

Watch the full reportage here on 21bis to get more information.

Reporting, camera, sound: Emma-Roosa Saareks
Photo: © Emma-Roosa Saareks