How international students spent their first weeks at Thomas More

First weeks at the university have ended and international students are already adapted. They are ready to share with us their emotions about being in a new country and describe how it is to study after Covid-19 without any restrictions.

Thomas More University has got a lot of international students from different countries. There is a big international community here, which is ready to accept new students every year. However, it does not mean that they don’t face obstacles.

We spoke with international students about their emotions after first the weeks in the new university, discussing the challenges they faced and how they went through the adaptation process. Moreover, international students shared with us what it is like to study after Covid-19.

Reportage: Anastasiia Kalugina, camera: Hermeline Van Theemsche, sound: Anastasiia Kalugina and Hermeline Van Theemsche
Photo: © Anastasiia Kalugina