Praesidium sings for freshmen

Inspiration guide provides new way of student baptisms

Student clubs or unions are very popular in Belgium, and the start of the academic year brings student baptisms. Some student clubs do it differently and don’t want to organize a traditional student baptism anymore. This thanks to the baptism charter and the new inspiration guide for student baptisms.

Those student baptisms are a ‘welcome ritual’ for people who want to become a freshman in a student club. Some of the baptisms used to be very filthy; students had to walk around the city while things like food or liquids were thrown at them. But, thanks to the baptism charter the rules concerning student baptisms have tightened. Intermedia, one of Mechelen’s unions, used the guide to create a new way of recruiting in the shape of a big city game.

Want to learn more about the baptism charter, inspiration guide, and a new way of student baptisms? Watch it here in the reportage.

Reportage: Hermeline Van Theemsche, camera: Hermeline Van Theemsche, sound: Emma-Roosa Saareks, and Hermeline Van Theemsche

Photo: © Hermeline Van Theemsche