Video News 27 October: Changes in the relationship between Israel and Palestine, how the big job fair at Brussels Airport went, what the Day of the Youth Movement for Flanders is, and how Catalonia is doing after the referendum.

Have you heard about Palestine since the end of October? Can international students find work in Belgium, and how is Catalonia doing five years after the referendum?

Watch it here on our weekly news program on 27 of October where our 21bis reporters bring you special reports.

  • A large job fair was set up at Brussels Airport, giving foreign students the opportunity to understand what is required to find a job in Belgium. Minor spoiler alert: it is possible.

  • The Day of the Youth Movement is a yearly event celebrated throughout Flanders. This event has many traditions and activities, each of which attracts a large number of people each year.

  • The world continues to debate the situation with Israel and Palestine following the United Kingdom’s decision to reconsider the location of the British embassy in Israel. We talked about it with the student from Palestine.

  • Catalonia held an independence referendum exactly five years ago. What happened is being discussed less and less in the world. A student from Barcelona spoke in depth about what is currently going on in the region.

    Presentation: Anastasiia Kalugina
    Program staff: Seth Van der Slycken, Merel Vernaeve, Friedel Ovaere, Ine Bueken, Kayla Ceulemans, Yordi Dietens, Emma De Clercq, Annelien Poppe, Mila Franck, Moana Martinho Hortas, and Emma Wenes
    Text: Anastasiia Kalugina
    Photo: © Emma-Roosa Saareks