Video News 29 September: A new academic year starting without any covid restrictions, and first Belgian week against food waste

Are you interested in what has happened in the world this week? How did the pandemic affect the numbers of incoming and outgoing international students? Or have you ever wondered how much food is wasted in Belgium every year?

Watch it here on our weekly news programme on the 29th of September, where our 21bis reporters bring you special reports.

  • International news topics: The Flemish Government came to an agreement on the budget three days late (September Declaration), and far-right leader Giorgia Meloni claimed victory in Italy’s election.
  • A new academic year without any covid restrictions has started, and the new international students have arrived, but universities don’t have precise numbers of international students.
  • In Belgium, no less than 345 kg of food is wasted per person every year, and Belgium is the second worst of the class in the European Union, right after the Netherlands.

Presentation: Emma-Roosa Saareks
Programme staff: Seth Van der Slycken, Merel Vernaeve, Hermeline Van Theemsche, Margot Van Dale, Friedel Ovaere, Ine Bueken, Kayla Ceulemans, Yordi Dietens, Mila Franck and Emma Wenes, Yordi Dietens
Text: Emma-Roosa Saareks
Photo: © Hermeline Van Theemsche