How 6 sixteen-year-olds raised more than €25000 to help girls in India get a better education

Khilti Pari is an organisation that wants to give girls in India an education so that they can become more free and independent. In the region where the charity is active, many girls are getting married at a very young age without a proper eduction. Boys on the other hand, are seen as an asset, they can go to school and get a good career. Khilti Pari wants girls to go to school so that they might get a job and achieve financial independence. If you want to know more you can visit their website https://www.khiltipari.com/ and their Instagram @khiltipari. In this podcast we also talked about Brinda’s personal life, her Instagram page @brinda.ptl, where she has more than 18k followers, and not being seen as 100% Belgian or Indian. Enjoy!