Video News November 24: mixed feelings about World Cup amongst European fans, green alternative for Black Friday and Thomas More’s new content project ZOO media

Soccer fans in Europe watch the World Cup in Qatar with mixed feelings, shops in Antwerp offer green alternatives for Black Friday and the launch of  ZooMedia, Thomas More’s new content project. 

Watch our weekly news program here to find out what topics live among our students this week.   

Our 21bis reporter Rafael Stroobants talked to youtuber Rik Tuinstra from The Monday League, whose channel is dedicated to soccer. He is especially occupied with the World Cup in Qatar this year.  He also visited some international students from Thomas More who watched the game together, and discussed how different it feels to watch the games this year. 

Meanwhile, our Dutch correspondent Nora van der Schoor went to two bars in the city of Rotterdam – where public viewings were almost canceled due to the controversy. She talked to bar owners about why they decided to have a screening in their pub anyway, and soccer fans explained their mixed feelings about watching the World Cup. 

Black Friday is here, and that means huge discounts everywhere you go. This makes us buy a lot of (unnecessary) stuff. But a counter movement is arising: some stores don’t participate in the American hype and refuse to go along with the extreme consumer behavior. That’s why NGO Trees For All introduced Green Friday. Reporters Maya Teughels and Jaani De Koker talked to the account manager about this environmentally friendly alternative to the spending event.

And lastly, the launch of Thomas More’s University of Applied Sciences in Mechelen newest content and media platform ZooMedia at campus De Ham. ZooMedia combines all the content of media students at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences into one website. Reporter Jaani De Koker took a look at the launch party.


Presentation:  Rafael Stroobants
Programme Staff: Maya Teughels, Nora van der Schoor, Rafael Stroobants, Jaani De Koker, Mikaela Pimentel, Philip Lammens, Cynthia Verbrugge, Arno Collaer, Esmee de Kinderen, Bryan Van Hoeck
Text: Nora van der Schoor