ARTISTS OF MECHELEN – Clarinetist Chris Craey: ‘I wouldn’t want to live a life without music’

Chris Craey (69) plays the clarinet in the Mechels SeniorenOrkest. An orchestra that consists of all members above the age of 55 playing music for other seniors. 

Every performance is a highlight in Chris’ life and gives her a lot of fulfillment. She also loves giving joy to other people.

‘There is a really big friendship between the members. We aren’t only interested in the music, but also in each others lives. We care about each other and have a lot of fun. I’m so thankful for the fact that music is a part of my life.’

Check out the videoreportage here:

Reportage camera and sound: Lara Van Der Weele, Xenia Caramete and Katoo Bourdon
Text: Katoo Bourdon
Photo: © Xenia Caramete