The 19-year-old Jaïnda Buiter is a young artist. She sings and plays the piano. Jaïnda describes her music as a mix of pop and jazz. Her major influences were Amy Winehouse, Simone Fitzgerald, and Alicia Keys.

She came into contact with music at an early age, and that could not have been any different since Jaïnda comes from a musical family. At the age of 9, she was already performing with her brother at elementary school. Since then, music has never been removed from her life.

While she works hard on her career, she has won several awards in the Netherlands. She won the Kunstbende in 2021 and was also the lead singer of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra last year. With the jazz orchestra, she participated in various festivals and concerts. One of the major achievements and best experiences so far was her performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Jaïnda is diligently building her career, and with her beautiful voice, she’s already making strides. This year, her first solo project was released, she launched her debut single titled “Colours.”

Text&Video: Özlem Küçük