"He was all static, didn't have any skin. Only eyes, like dark eyes but nothing else," John describes Kito, the unknown entity that changed his life.

PODCAST ‘The Soultrotter Club’ – A Trip Around The World And The Mind

In The Soultrotter Club, 21bis reporter Tharsice collects the stories of people who have not only travelled the world, but also the mind. In this first episode he met with John, who studies at Thomas More University in Mechelen. John shares stories from his time in Australia, his lows in The United States of America and his journey to the world beyond our own.

I first met John two years ago. His calm demeanour and friendly voice made me feel at ease almost immediately. You could tell by the stories he told that he had seen the world and met its people. But one story always stuck with me, his experimentation with changa, which is the smokeable version of the psychoactive drug ayahuasca.

Ever since then, John has been a good friend of mine. So, when I started this series on “soultrotting”, it only seemed fair to invite him to be my first guest.

Listen to his experiences here:

Warning: this episode deals with topics such as depression and drug use and uses harsh language.
John is a fictional name. We have done this to protect his identity and future work possibilities.

Audio report: Tharsice Commissaris
Photo: The Cleveland Museum of Art via Unsplash