Brussels Christmas Markets 2023: What to see?

Christmas is here, and with it, the Christmas markets and lights. Brussels is the perfect place to enjoy the magic and illusion of Christmas. A total of six Christmas markets are set up in the squares and streets of the city.

They started this weekend, on 25th November, and will end on 31st December. The 6 Christmas markets are as follows.

1. Place Sainte Catherine Christmas Market, where the church is illuminated at nightfall and leaves a unique scene.

2. Marché aux Poissons Market with almost 200 stalls selling food, clothes, and toys for the little ones. It is also where you can find the best waffles in Brussels, those of the Maison Dandoy pastry shop. There is also the Grand Ferris Wheel, where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Brussels at Christmas time.

3. Brussels Christmas Market on Boulevard Anspach is a shopping street that, thanks to the Christmas lights, is transformed to host the market during Christmas in Brussels.

4. Christmas Market on the Place de Brouckere where we can find the ice-skating rink.

5. Christmas Market at the Place de la Bourse where you can enjoy mulled wine, waffles, homemade sweets, and fries.

6. Place Monnaie Market, a small market that you can walk through in a short time with wooden houses that recreate a village.

In addition to the Christmas markets, you can’t miss the Christmas light shows or the actual illumination of the streets that adorn the city. In the Grand Place, a wonderful spectacle of lights and sounds is performed daily. In addition, the Grand Place also has a large Christmas tree in the center and a life-size Nativity Scene.

A Thomas More student living in Mechelen report on him experience at the Christmas markets this weekend.

– Which Christmas markets did you visit?

‘I went to the markets located on Rue de la Bourse, Place Sainte-Catherine and Marché aux Poissons. Each one had its own food stall with a different speciality from Mexican food to typical Belgian food.’

– Which one did you like the most and why?

‘The one I liked the most without a doubt, as it was the biggest of them all and above all because of the giant Ferris wheel that catches your attention as soon as you see it, was the Marché aux Poissons. It also had very entertaining leisure areas.’

– Will you go there again?

‘Of course, I would go again, not only because Mechelen is only 20 minutes away by train, but also because it is a unique experience that I would recommend to everyone.’


Text: Estela González Martínez
Photo: © Raúl Pérez